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These are only the first 9 months of Alice. CLICK HERE to find more recent photos.

Jan. 1/02:
Alice has been learning something new almost every day -- so much that I haven't been able to capture it all on film, but I got some highlights. More Christmas photos will follow.

First visit with Santa
(Hillside Mall)
Alice started this
trick Christmas week.
New Year's Resolution:
"Sit Up By Myself!"
Speeding through her
IKEA tunnel.
Gotta get clean
Playing with her Tonka
firetruck and boat teether.
Office toys include
her own keyboard
Alice's 2nd Sears
portrait (8 1/2 months)

Nov. 20/01:
Alice has been very busy lately learning to crawl, babble and swim!

"Mommy's spoon tastes
different than mine."
Sitting in her own
highchair in the kitchen.
Surrounded by toys in
her bedroom.
Big grins for her
rubber duckie.
This life jacket thing
really sucks, Dad. And
what's with the mat?
Shameless product placement.
Cleverly hidden, asleep
in her bedroom. (another angle)
Sometimes she just doesn't
stop moving.

Oct. 16/01:
OK, lately Alice seems less spooked by the camera and I have been getting some cute shots.

Grinning and teething
at 7 months.
Getting big cuddles
from Auntie Shelly.
Reaching for Mom
over Dad's shoulder.
"Daddy put a box on
my head. Ha-ha!"

Sept 15/01:
I've been so busy watching Alice grow I forgot to post any photos! The first row is from September, the second is from August, and the third from July.

"Can't you see I'm trying
to learn how to crawl here?"
"OK, I'll smile! I'm
six months old today!"
"Hey, this box is full of
paper!I'll soon fix that."
"...I can't walk, but I have
two hands and a mouth..."
Fascinated by a balloon
from Layton's birthday.
Just one more attempt
to destroy this toy
(She really hates it!)
Meeting Maeve -- hey,
she's my size!
Modest even at 5 mos.
(And so serious!)
Brittany reading a
bedtime story.
What are you doing
with that camera?
Caught in her toy mirror,
munching a hand.
Sleeping during the
waterfront walk into town.

July 10/01:
She is so photogenic, I just can't stop taking pictures! So here are a few new ones and two older ones (from March and April).

Checking out the cat--
or being checked out.
Just being Alice.
Sometimes one look can
break your heart!
that's better.
Snuggling Auntie Shelly
with Layton (March)
Being entertained
by Paolo (April)

July 6/01:
Rapidly approaching four months and learning new stuff every day

Sometimes she looks
kinda like a frog.
What are hands for?
Natural born performer
Now how the heck
do I get back?

June 19/01:
And for Father's day, the men in Alice's life... (unfortunately these photos are all from April!)

Grumpy daughter,
proud Daddy
Meeting for the
first time
Not sure who is
less comfortable here
Tender kiss for
a sleeping babe

June 13/01:
Hard to believe Alice is three months old already!

Making faces
Making her music
box work by herself
Sitting pretty
at 12 weeks old
Chewing her hand
and pondering life

May 25/01:
Four photos for Mother's Day. She wore the polka-dot dress for the Mother's brunch on May 13th.

Mom and Alice
(8 weeks less a day)
Holding Mom's hand
on Mother's Day
Sitting with Nana
on Mother's Day
Auntie Shelly, you're
freaking me out!

April 29/01:
Eight more cute pictures of Alice (aren't they all?) including her perfect little feet

Alice hidden in
her crib
Just watching her
bug mobile...
Wow...there's clowns
spinning 'round my head...
after her bath...
Slightly blurry photo
with Granny
Auntie Heather
at Easter
Ten perfect toes
on two perfect feet
Big thoughts for
a little person

April 10/01:
Four more photos -- two from the hospital and two more recent digital pics.

Alice in her
hospital bed
Mike and Brittany
with bundled-up Alice
Crashed out &
stretched out

March 28/01:
Photos from her first few weeks.

Eyes open,
4 days old
Alice just hangin' Alice & Dad share
some TV time
Mom & Alice surf
the web

No photos! Watsamatta you? What the hell is on my
hand, Mom??
Big yawn...