The Wedding of Mike & Cheryl DeWolfe

      Our big day was October 4th, 1997.

We were wed at the Uvic Interfaith Chapel in the presence of our friends and family. Our marriage commissioner, Laurie Smith, delivered a very touching ceremony. She made it meaningful while still being comfortable.

      Tim Bailey acted as Mike's Best Man and Kari McKeel as Cheryl's Maid of Honor. Both were stupendous in their roles -- instrumental in making the day something special. There are not thanks enough for their aid.

      Diana Marfleet and Steve Mills served as our ushers. Brittany Forshner (our niece) acted as the flower girl; her brother Layton accompanied her down the aisle as the page and ring bearer.

      It has been said that if it rains on your wedding day then the remainder of your life together will be filled with sunshine. (Is there a study out there that confirms this?)

      Well it rained. We mean downpour, torrents and more. Luckily the rain gave us grace during the photography in the UVic gardens.

      One of our attendees at the ceremony said that when we lit the candles the clouds broke and sun poured into the chapel (cool). Be it coincidence or fate, we're taking it as a good omen.

      After a frantic taxi ride from UVic to James Bay, we arrived at the site of our reception -- the James Bay Athletic Association Hall. Through the efforts of many, the hall was beautifully decorated and the reception went off without a hitch.

      The reception was very much a group effort: our moms did baking cooking; Cheryl's dad set-up a canned music system. Steve Millls' folks, Geoff & Ann Mills made wine for the reception.

      We'd like to thank Susan Low and Stephan Miller for shouldering many of the catering duties on the morning of the wedding. The night before, a number of others helped us:
  • Scott & Alynda Brynen
  • Diana Marfleet
  • Matt Younger & Trudy Penner
  • Maureen Parker
  • Kari McKeel
  • Tim Bailey
  • Steve Mills
  • Mike Dowd
  • Ken Peterson
      Once again, thank you all...

All photos taken by David Luttmann

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